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Art and Design

Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity.

At Lincoln Carlton Academy we value Art and Design as a fundamental part of our curriculum. We know that our curriculum will help them to develop confidence, resilience and critical thinking skills and that this will, in turn, have an impact on their attainment in other subject areas.

Art and Design lessons are designed to be fun and exciting to engage pupils and allow an abundance of self-expression and innovation. We teach an art curriculum which gives our children opportunities to practice and develop mastery in drawing, painting, craft, sculpture, and response to art. This is supported through the study of key artists and the development of a knowledge of their work.

Lessons are taught in blocks on a half-termly basis and include opportunities to:

  • Study existing pieces of art (paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, craft and photographs).
  • Find out about the life and works of a range of classical and contemporary artists.
  • Use new media and materials.
  • Explore new techniques and approaches to using new media, as well as deepening their knowledge of media that has been introduced before.
  • Express themselves imaginatively and creatively to produce works in their own style.
  • Evidence of work is collected within a personal sketchbook which follows the child through the school.

As a result, children will be become creative learners, who have a web of knowledge about the great artists of the world. Creativity and uniqueness will be celebrated, with teachers encouraging individuality by giving children the freedom to explore art using their imaginations.

You can find a full description of our art and design curriculum intent, implementation and impact in the Art and Design Curriculum document below.