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Proud to be part of

School Council

Our school councillors play a vital role in ensuring that all our pupils have a voice in our School Community.

How are our school councillors elected?

In every class, all children are given the opportunity to nominate their peers to be candidates. Each class then holds a secret ballot to elect two councillors. The two people with the most votes are elected. There are 28 pupils on our School Council. The election process helps children to understand the role that voting pays in a democratic society (Democracy being one of the British Values).

What personal qualities make an effective school councillor?

  • Responsible
  • A good listener
  • Good at speaking in front of people
  • Confident
  • Organised
  • Committed
  • Calm

What do school councillors do?

This year, so far, our school councillors have helped the school to raise over £2.5K for Children in Need. With the help of their class, they decided they would like to raise money by holding a used book fair and bake sale, as well as a sponsored silence.

They also worked with their classes to vote on which new pieces of equipment should be purchased to improve one of our outdoor areas. This equipment is now in place in the Year 1 outdoor area.

They surveyed their classes to find out what they were enjoying about the school curriculum. They found out what children had enjoyed learning about and whether there was anything they would like to learn about in the future.