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Physical education

A high-quality physical education (PE) curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities.

At Lincoln Carlton Academy, we believe that physical education should be experienced in a safe, supportive yet competitive environment, as this is essential to children’s development both mentally and physically. In turn, we recognise the role that PE plays in promoting a long-term, sustainable, healthy lifestyle that is both enjoyable and fulfilling.

We support every child, regardless of their needs, to develop a passion for PE and a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to collaborate, and to develop their team building skills ready to become active and successful citizens in society.

We aim to provide children with tools to help keep them safe, such as being able to swim. We also provide opportunities for children to compete in sport and other activities to build resilience and confidence and embed other values such as teamwork, fairness, and respect.

PE at Lincoln Carlton Academy provides challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting activities including invasion games, net and wall games, strike and field games, gymnastics, dance, swimming, and outdoor and adventure.

Year 5 and 6 children are invited to put their names forward for sports captains and play leaders. This helps to develop sporting role models for children in younger year groups, assisting with lunchtime clubs and helping with other events that we put on as a school (such as sports day and after school competitive matches). Children in Key Stage 2 are also encouraged to attend sporting events within the wider community, which helps build links and relationships with other children in other schools.

After-school clubs are welcomed here at Lincoln Carlton Academy. We offer both team (competitive), and non-competitive (skill based) clubs each evening per week.

Find out more about the intent, implementation and impact behind our approach to PE in the PE Curriculum document at the bottom of the page.